Our Core Team

Dewey Teague

Master Distiller

Kristen Buczynski

Strategic Branding & Marketing Manager

Wardog & Family

Wardog Spirits

Vodka - $33.33

Distilled from Black River Farms grown(or PA grown) Chambourcin grapes. (Variety of flavored Vodkas available)

Black River Bourbon - $34.99

Old Fashioned Bourbon. Locally grown grain. Hand crafted, small batches.

PA Moonshine - $29.99

Locally sourced grain. Strong and smooth Southern Recipe

Apple Pie Moonshine - $28.99

Tastes like Grandma’s Apple Pie. Sweet and Smooth. Locally grown apples and cider

Duncan - $48.99

Single Malt, small batched

Rio Negro - $29.99

Made from 100% Blue Agave

Gin 91 - $29.99

Simple Recipe, Genever Style Gin dating back to the 1500’s. Bold taste of juniper berry with a hint of citrus.

Spiced Rum - $28.99

Hints of peppercorn and vanilla on the nose. Caribbean style Rum. (Barrel Aged Rum and Orange Creole Rum coming soon)

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