Chambourcin ~

2014   Smooth and Rich;  Black Cherry~Black Plum~Pepper

2015   Fresh and Fruity

2016   Oaked;  Raspberry~Cherry~Toast~Chocolate

2016 Barrel Reserve   Medium Toast American Oak;                  Cherry~Cranberry~Ginger~Smoke

Saki ~

Produced from Chambourcin as a semi-sweet red wine, this smooth wine with a clean fruity berry flavor is perfect for those who prefer a slightly sweeter version of red wine.

Cab Franc~

This is a medium-bodied dry red wine with soft tannins.

With moderate acidity it is loved for its taste of cherry, black currant, savory, bell pepper like flavors, medium-high acidity and mouthwatering taste. The finish is that of light berries with a little black pepper enhancing the mouth feel.

Lemberger ~

This dry red wine exhibits a wonderful bouquet of blackberry, currant and slight hint of white pepper. Taste is light and soft with a background reminiscent of plum, currant, blackberry, and very light cherry with an earthy fruitiness. The finish is smooth with a slight plum at the end.

90 ~

 This dry red wine is a lovely blend of St. Croix, Sangiovese and Chambourcin.  You will find notes of red plum, strawberry and fig.


Chardonnay ~

This dry white wine has a light American oak with medium body and noticeable acidity typical of this variety. Aromatics include citric, melon, pineapple and pear. Flavors include citrus melon and floral with a moderate finish.

Star ~

This white wine is a blend of oaked Vidal and Kerner with a medium body. It holds citric and floral aromas and flavors.

Hatch ~

This delightful white wine is a blend of La Crosse and Kerner. Aromatics include honey, tropical fruit, citric and spices. Flavors of citrus, melon and pears compliment a moderate soft finish.

Tilly ~

A dry, white, oaked blend of Seyval and Traminette grapes exhibits notes of strong spice, honey, apricot and melon with a long finish.

Vidal Blanc~

A dry, white wine, oaked with notes of grapefruit, melon, hazelnuts, pear and orange blossoms.

Mary (Rose') ~ 

A semi-sweet fragrant blend of Cayuga, Traminette and Chambourcin.

Mary Dry (Rose')