Cab Franc~

Lightly Oaked Dry Red; Light Bodied~Bright, Crisp Acidity~Sour Cherry~Red Raspberry

Lemberger ~

Lightly Oaked Dry Red; Blackberry~Currant~Plum~Stone Fruits

90 ~

Dry Red Blend; St. Croix, Sangiovese & Chambourcin

Black Currant~Strawberry~Fig~Velvet Finish

Naked Chambourcin~

Dry~Tart Strawberry~Star Fruit~Pomegranate~Long, Creamy Finish

Chambourcin ~

2014 - Smooth and Rich~Black Cherry~Black Plum~Peppery Finish

2015  - Red and Black Fruits~Rich Vanilla Finish

2016 -  Oaked~Raspberry~Cherry~Toast~Chocolate

2016 - Barrel Reserve Medium Toast American Oak; Cranberry~Ginger~Smoke 

2017 ~ Enticing Nose ~ Black Cherry Notes

2017 ~ Barrel Reserve Medium Toast American Oak

Saki ~

Produced from Chambourcin, a perfect choice for those who prefer a slightly sweeter version of red wine.

2014  Semi-Sweet Red; Black Plum~Deep Black Fruits ~Port-like in Body


2016 Off-Dry Red; Cherry~Stone Fruit~Long Creamy, Caramel Finish

2017 Semi-Sweet Red; Juicy~Fruit Forward~Grape~Jammy~Lush


Chardonnay ~

Dry white; Citrus~Hazelnut~Vanilla

Vidal Blanc ~ SOLD OUT

Dry White;  Lightly Oaked; Melon~Orange blossoms~Refreshing

Tilly ~

Dry White; Oaked Blend of Seyval & Traminette; Earthy~White Peach~ Long, distinct finish.


Dry White Blend of Traminette & Vidal;  Crisp~Tart Green Apple~Grapefruit

Star ~

Lightly Oaked Blend of  Vidal & Kerner; 

 Lightly Oaked~Fuller Bodied~Sweet Summer Fruit~Natural Sweetness 

Chardonnay Barrel Reserve ~

Medium American Oak Barrel Aged Dry White; 


Hatch ~

Semi-Sweet White Blend of La Crosse & Kerner;

Pear on the Nose~Honey~Vanilla

Sweet Saucona ~

Sweet Blend of Vidal Blanc, Seyval & La Crosse;

 Pineapple~Melon~Long,Lingering Finish.



Semi-Sweet Fragrant Blend of Cayuga, Traminette & Chambourcin;

Cherry~ Citrus.

Mary Dry ~

Dry Blend of Cayuga, Traminette & Chambourcin;

Cherry~Tart Strawberry~Citrus